A financially sustainable nonprofit is able to focus on what is most important: its mission. Working with this goal in mind, Capital Strategists Group can develop a unique plan of work for your nonprofit to help secure sustainable investment.

A sustainability plan illustrates not only the philanthropic value of the good work that you do, but also the economic impact that it has on the community at large. A sustainability plan demonstrates to potential investors how they benefit directly from your organizationís efforts. This provides motivation not only to invest in your nonprofit, but to continue to do so in the future.

Typical Sustainability Plan Components:

  1. Introduction
    Includes a brief history of the organization, mission statement, and unmet needs moving forward.
  2. Overall Organization Goals
    Identifies and details specific, program-oriented goals to help you achieve your mission.
  3. Outcomes to be achieved for each Goal
    ROI scenarios are developed for each goal and both the present value of future outcomes and the overall value of the program are presented.
  4. Programmatic Components
    Detail for each goal above (longest section of plan) and a budget for each component.
  5. Financials
    Features a Projected Cash Flow on a monthly basis for one year and a general budget on an annual basis for length of plan.
  6. Implementation Benchmarks
    Includes a timeline, who will accomplish what, how evaluation of progress will take place.
  7. Blueprint for Moving Forward
    Explains the next steps, including feasibility analysis, how to put the return on investment material to good use, and how meet the demands of today's funders.