Independent Feasibility Valuations
Determine how much money is out there for your organization, with no conflict of interest to “invent” a campaign. Ideal for those organizations that have never had a capital campaign, and want to test the waters first. An independent feasibility analysis provides a truly objective analysis of funding potential.
“In order to move forward with our third campaign, we not only had to show investors that we were good stewards with their money, but that the funding feasibility analysis was not just business as usual. Since CSG did our “return on investment scorecard,” they were the obvious choice to present that information to investors through the feasibility study. We ended up with a benchmark to measure against, a goal we could trust, and everyone on the same page.”
Michelle Dickerson
Aspire Clarksville Director
Vice President of Marketing Communications
Clarksville Economic Development Council
Campaign Counsel
For those organizations needing professional assistance with their funding efforts, CSG provides a full range of campaign counsel solutions, from one-time retreats to multi-month campaigns. Areas of assistance include prospect evaluation, campaign planning, special group presentations, solicitation strategies, staff training, and complete turn-key campaign packages.
"We realized we needed some outside help with our first capital campaign, and CSG was the ideal solution. Their estimate of how much money was out there was remarkably accurate, the right leadership was recruited, and they made sure we did not make any missteps. We couldn't have done it without them."
Piper Allison
Community Relations Coordinator
Middle Tyger Community Center
Targeted Prospect Research
Knowing who benefits the most from your efforts will uncover previously unidentified funding prospects, and greatly expand the list from the "usual suspects."
"CSG’s report was exactly what we needed."
Tim Martin
Albany Economic Development Commission
National Sponsorships
Ideal for those organizations that draw visitors (museums, attractions, venues), the marketing potential generated is valued by the business world. We determine that value, who is most likely to want to capitalize on it, and develop customized presentation packages to maximize this potential.
Sustainability Plans
Strategic plans are great, but often fall short of the most important component: funding. Sustainability plans provide the roadmap for funding, from who to target to how to secure their pledge. Sustainability plans often bridge the gap between a strategic plan and an actual campaign, providing the blueprint for a successful campaign.
"Tom's hands-on, real world approach to Sustainability Planning had a direct impact on 64 rural Georgia counties. His help led to 34 new programs that will ultimately touch the lives of some 350,000 Georgians. Including his OVP and ROI work made a complex process down right simple. Thanks Tom, you really are the "ROI Guy."
Patricia Kota
Community Health Systems Development
Georgia Health Policy Center
ROI-based Solicitation packages
Used extensively by professional fundraisers, this adds the “What’s in it for me?” aspect to your solicitations, and moves your efforts from the charity mindset to one of investment.
"CSG’s demonstration of our results was instrumental in launching our second campaign. Even though we utilized different fundraisers each time, CSG provided the continuity and objectivity we needed to show investors how we impacted the region. This provided the starting point for our $15 million campaign."
Ray Gilley
President and CEO
Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission
Organizational Value Proposition®
A compilation of many different impact studies, carefully crafted and artfully presented to demonstrate the complete value of the organization to potential funders.
Typically includes
- The organization as a business (entity impacts)
- Facility Construction Impacts
- Visitor Impacts
- Employment, earnings, and capital investment impacts
- Spending Impacts
- Corporate Marketing Value
- Corporate Business Development Value
“The Organizational Value Proposition® has given our organization a significantly higher level of credibility with donors and funders. Invariably, when we share the economic impact we have on the community, along with the traditional data we gather, people are really astounded and it solidifies our case for funding. The report has been an instrumental component of our successful capital campaign that has to date raised $12 million of our $20 million goal.”
Gary Cain
Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida
Personal Presentations
For those organizations uncomfortable at approaching those individuals and corporations unfamiliar to them, CSG can be retained to make the professional call. This ensures professionalism, continuity, and greater results.
“My 15 minutes with Tom (Ralser) was worth the entire cost of the conference!”
Evaluation of Presenters
2004 State Nonprofit Conference